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  • Magnificent, majestic and poetic. These enormous, ancient olive trees which impart a sense of wisdom and peace, are some of the most precious assets of the Mediterranean culture. They bear unprecedented witness to the enduring power of the cultivation of olives throughout the Mediterranean region and are testament to the dominance they have achieved over the centuries.
    The growth of centuries-old olive trees does not follow the logical pattern, but instead, according to studies conducted in this field, growth follows the logic of sedimentation, meaning that new growth is grafted onto the old and over time substitutes the original trunk. The history of this plant is rendered even more interesting by the fact that each plant is different from another. Each plant has its own history, each one is an example of the battle for survival throughout the centuries as it follows its own course, being weather beaten by lightning strikes and frost and also in its clashes with man.
    After exploring and enjoying the town of Spello, there are still more surprises in store. Leaving through Porta Montanara and heading towards Mount Subasio National Park, you will find yourself at the beginning of a splendid walk that follows the Roman Aqueduct.This stunning, panoramic trail finishes in the charming little town of Collepino after climbing through the hills above Spello
    As you follow the remains of the aqueduct there are views of the surrounding countryside and various points of interest are sign-posted. Along the way, you will find yourself surrounded by luxuriant olive groves which are the symbol of Spello. The Sagrantino wine area of Umbria is one of the most ancient and illustrious grape growing areas in Italy.
    The only Italian region without access to either the sea or international borders, Umbria is a solitary and soulful world apart. Often overshadowed by neighboring Tuscany and Lazio, this lush and sparsely populated land is affectionately referred to as the “green heart of Italy.”
    The hamlet of Montefalco, with its medieval rampart walls and Romanesque churches, is located 1,550 feet above sea level. The surrounding Colli Martani hills are covered with cordon-trained vines that enjoy soft breezes and long summers.
    Although its origin is a mystery, one theory suggests Franciscan friars carried the grape from Asia Minor into this area. Grapes are grown in areas adjacent to the town of MonteFalco, with production limited to an area of 670 hectares. Organic farming Sagrantino is agriculture which employs the fertility of the soil and its natural protection without the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms, in which the struggle against pests is made only by means of organic matter and natural methods.
  • As in the wonderful creation of nature - olive tree - in the human body are concentrated in principle Inexhaustible possibilities of rehabilitation therapy and, in addition, a huge resource of virtually unused power, energy and possibilities inherent nature.
    Offering our customers in a way unique beauty products based on clean natural raw materials: olive oil and special varieties of grapes, or using the latest development of nanotechnology, we strive to not only help the body fight the signs of aging, but, most importantly, as much as possible to activate all of its internal resources and capabilities for long preserve youthful skin of our face and body. Our cosmetic products are not only aimed at achieving temporary and superficial effect, but primarily on the constant stimulation of the body's internal resources, which in combination gives a beautiful and long-lasting effect.
  • Lokvita is a young and vibrant company partnered with the well-established Italian company Pharmatre Spa, which was founded in 1989 in Foligno, in the heart of Umbria. It specializes in the research and development of innovative and effective solutions in cosmetology, combined with natural ingredients including cold-pressed olive oil and grapes from Sagrantino in their creation of new products.

    Lokvita brings these amazing products to the United States. Our goal is to provide effective products for the health and beauty of your skin.
  • Organic Grapes: confidence in natural products.
    The Sagrantino grape is a versatile provider of many skincare benefits; each part of the grape is a source of a variety of nutrients vital in maintaining healthy, young skin.
    • The grape pulp contains significant numbers of antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamins, polyphenols, minerals, sugars, fibers, and fruit acids.
    • The skins also provide important substances with antioxidant properties, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins
    • Sagrantino grape seeds contain linoleic acid and essential fatty acids that help maintain proper hydration of the skin and play an important role in the activation and maintenance of anti-age processes.
    Another important molecule contained in the seeds of Sagrantino grapes are proanthocyanidins, which have unique characteristics; they are able to "grab" the free radicals and neutralize them, making them harmless to the cells of our body.
    Proanthocyanidins, according to many researchers, is one of the most interesting groups of antioxidants derived from plants. They are 15-30 times more effective than vitamin E and other common antioxidants.
    Once it was discovered that the Sagrantino grape has such unique properties, the Italian company Pharmatre Spa began to use it for cosmetic purposes, creating the Bio Intensive Dermo line which we at Lokvita have brought to the United States.
    Our products are both effective and safe, all made with care and strict quality control. Bio Intensive Dermo helps make and keep your skin beautiful for a long time and plays a protective role on negative environmental factors such as the sun’s UV rays and pollution. Through consistent use of Bio Intensive Dermo products, you will experience visible wrinkle reduction, as well as smoother, suppler, and healthier skin.
    All Bio Intensive Dermo products have undergone dermatological tests. Not tested on animals.
  • For thousands of years, it has been recognized that olive oil is a medinal and cosmetic agent with many useful properties. It slows skin aging, protects against inflammation and is an effective emmolient moisturizer, which canbe used to improve dry skin, dermatitis and other dermatoligical disorders.
    From these eco-friendly gardens of olive trees is born the Oro di Spello (Gold from Spello) Line of Environmental dermocosmetics. Many years of study on the use of cosmetic dermatological products combined with well-known healing properties of extra virgin olive oil,
    Contains the maximum amount of natural antioxidants.
    These eco-friendly gardens of olive trees, combined with years of study on the well-known healing properties of extra virgin olive oil, is born the Oro di Spello (Gold from Spello) line of environmental dermocosmetics.
  • An alternative to cosmetic surgery!
    Wrinkles are one of the first and most obvious signs of aging. They are formed by biochemical, histological, and physiological age-related changes in the skin, which are exacerbated by environmental factors such as sunlight, free radicals, and gravity. Over time, displacement and stretching of the skin result in grooves and sagging that are difficult to effectively reverse.
    These effects may be somewhat reduced through behavioral changes:
    • Reducing exposure to the corrosive effects environmental factors (especially ultraviolet rays);
    • Increasing cell metabolism by ensuring adequate presence of certain Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamins C, E, and K, as well as selenium and zinc, among many others)
    • Reducing the activity of facial expressions by selectively relaxing the facial muscles;
    • Maintaining skin’s hydration
    However, for more significant anti-aging effects, it is necessary to supplement with cosmetics. Several cosmetic ingredients have shown very effective reversal and prevention of signs of aging:
    • Hyaluronic acid – a natural component of skin whose levels decrease with age. A major component of maintaining the skin’s hydration and filling in its tissues, as well as protecting it from UV rays and free radicals.
    • Hexapeptide, also known as Agireline – similar to the botulinum toxin (Botox), without the neurotoxic effect. Reduces facial muscle contraction, preventing deepening of existing wrinkles and formation of new ones.
    • Extract from microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata, combined with Pullulan, a polysaccharide – contains high levels of amino acids and Vitamins C and B12; stimulates collagen production and protects tissue components against oxidative stress from free radicals.
    Our Rigen products contain these ingredients which, together with the latest innovations in biotechnology, provide safe and effective anti-aging solutions:
    • Bo Rigen - liquid emulsion
    • Fill Rigen - microemulsion
    • Jalu Rigen - Mask
    Through use of these products, the skin is replenished in its deficiencies, strengthening their defensive abilities and starting the natural processes of regeneration. And as a result - it slows down the process of premature aging and the skin's healthy structure begins to be restored.
    Consistent use of BoRigen and FillRigen will gradually increase effectiveness, with full manifestation of results after 3 weeks. JaluRigen masks should be used biweekly.
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